Does unity in diversity really exist in India?

The most common question that one has to face when getting out of one’s own state is “Are you a South Indian or North Indian?” For one moment one may think I am in India or somewhere else? If really I am in India then what kind of the difference does it make to be South Indian or North Indian? Anyway I am Indian that is all! India has been known for its unity in diversity then why being an Indian one asks about the region I belong to?

Does unity in diversity really exist in India?

Does unity in diversity really exist in India?

I have one friend named X from Andhra Pradesh and another one called Y from Delhi. Both of them are really very good friends of mine. Based on a talk between them one can just judge being youth of our country how different mentalities they really have regarding different issues.

X: South Indian has been known for being traditional and we value our great culture. We have never tried to follow western culture.

Y: Hey “X” though we have been trying to follow western culture yet we respect our traditions and values. And I think there is nothing wrong to follow the western culture when you are living in the era of globalization.

X: We have better politicians. I think no politician have been doing this much for their states.

Y: I agree but I think you people don’t have some great personalities to be proud of i.e. why you are talking about politicians.

X: Ok leave it but I don’t know why you people are so obsessed with your color? Is there any problem to be black?

Y: Hey I don’t know why all of you have uniform color and that too is black!

X: Being black or white is not in our hand so leave it but we experience best climate throughout the year. I don’t think any part of India enjoy the climatic conditions like us. At least we don’t face such peak of summer and the lowest temperature during winter.

Y: But X you should be aware that in life one should always enjoy peak!

They were carrying on their talk in this manner! I was amazed to see that still we shout we have unity in diversity. If the educated guys of our country have mentality of this kind then what about those who have neither opened a book nor ever been learnt to maintain brotherhood among Indians!

A question comes automatically to my mind this talk deliberates diversity in India but what about the term “UNITY” which we shout with proud?

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