Water crisis in India

India has a rich and vast diversity of water resources. But worse kinds of water management system have been causing a great problem for India. Day by day the situation is getting worse.

Water crisis in India

Water crisis in India

The worse situation of availability of water throughout India has been due to various factors. Major river systems of India are heavily polluted and continuously sewage is being discharged to these rivers which has left our major rivers’ water polluted. Our ground water is also facing the brunt of pollution. The primary reasons of ground water pollution in India are industrial pollution and extensive use chemicals for agriculture. The untreated effluents being discharged to rivers are making the quality of water worse day by day

Water conflicts have always existed in India. We never tried to make rules for water sharing among states which has already led to a number of conflicts among states.

When one part of our country sees floods at the same time another part is dry. This show how poor water management system we have in our country. If we channelize all our water rivers and connect rivers of one part of country to another we can easily get rid of flood and dry at the same time. We don’t even have adequate storage capacity. Developed countries and even most of the developing countries have more water storage capacity than us.

India’s investment in large water infrastructure have yielded a lot when we talk of food security and poverty but a considerable part of this infrastructure now seems to collapse soon due to poor water supply. Most of the farmers still depend on pumped ground water for irrigation. Use of ground water on large scale has already caused depletion of water resources at many places. For domestic purposes urban as well as rural population mainly depends on ground water which has left many areas of our country with ground water crisis. And the poor people who have limited access to resources have been the worst sufferer of this ground water shortage. The most frustrating fact is that of these areas running short of ground water most of them are most developed and economically productive areas which is not a good sign for future.

Even water distribution system is not untouched with corruption in our country. Many of the household in our country still not pay bills for supply water and pay bribes to regularize the water supply connections.

The present situation in India demands a very good and intelligent water management system. We need to increase water storage and creation of more water infrastructures to meet the increasing demands.

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  1. Warka Water Tower


    I found an article about the Warka Water Tower on Smithsonian.com. This amazing invention supposedly, “…Pulls Drinking Water Out of Thin Air…”, from water vapor. The article goes on to say, “Designer Arturo Vittori says his invention can provide remote villages with more than 25 gallons of clean drinking water per day.” It is an affordable, cleaner and better alternative than buying oil water from the oil companies.

    Read more: http://www.smithsonianmag.com/innovation/this-tower-pulls-drinking-water-out-of-thin-air-180950399/#o3yqglCmz3RYMzlr.99

    I’m hoping that you can pass this information on and help with the water crisis in India. (Or other places.) Using many of these on larger American farms would even cost less than what some farmers were already paying annually for water! For a 160 acre alfalfa farm, which requires roughly 240 million gallons of water per year, you would need 26 Warka Water Towers. At roughly $500 apiece, that is around $12,000 a year!! (I use alfalfa as an example, because it is one plant that needs a lot of water to grow. Grains use significantly less.)

    Recently, I watched a you tube about how a Southern California farmer used to pay $80,000 for water annually. Now he pays upwards to $1 million for the same amount!! This is a really wonderful idea that just isn’t being used, because a lot of people don’t know about it. Please list this as a resource for drought relief so that families can find relief from suffering.

    Thanks so much and have a wonderful day!!

    Kind Regards,

    Jody Danforth

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