How sports reflect the good and bad of culture?

The sports indeed reflect various factors and aspects imbibed in a particular culture’s integral ethos and values. Take the example of the egalitarian testimony of crony capitalism – Cricket. It was the sport of the elite people, as perceived by the colonial rulers. It purely showcased the biased nature and discriminating behaviour by the imperial European rulers (especially England). All Indians followed cricket because Britishers had a huge impact on the society.

Culture is an art or in other words – arts in motion.

Sports, Culture and Society

Sports, Culture and Society

Whether it’s a bull fight or malkhamb, sports is an insight into what the society enjoys. When societies are oriented towards games like chess, it shows a deep amount of respect and gratitude for intellectuals in the society. Whereas, bull fights on the other hand are a mark of cruelty.

Even cock fights resemble intolerance and disrespect towards animals and humble creatures. Sports is a science, they are an art form too. One who wishes to succeed in sports will have to train, dedicate themselves and adhere to strict guidelines as far as diet and exercises are concerned.

We have also heard of people indulging in the intake of steroids. So many athletes have lost their careers and reputations after getting caught taking drugs. This also reversely replicates the attitude and the mindset of the people. A person with a good upbringing and cultural traits will never indulge into intake of steroids or illegal drugs to enhance his or her performance. The eternal marathon runners from Ghana, Nigeria and the extremely poor countries of Africa stand for the innate perseverance and fight / struggle / run to sustain their lives. The entire world knows the pitiable condition of the African continent in totality and its struggle and yearning for prosperity.

For some people, hunting down animals was the favourite sport until some decades ago. That again reflected the brutal nature of their behaviour and intolerance towards animals and other innocent creatures. This proves that their culture may not be very conducive for a very good environment for animals.

Sports and culture have a direct relationship on each other. While a society’s culture directly influences the sports and other activities of a region, even the most popular sports in a particular place speaks in leaps and bounds about the nature of the people.

Many people also claim that football and international soccer stands for the spirit of optimism in us and for a – never says die attitude and the basic instinct in all of us to play and live happily with each other.

Sports are just a reflection of our thoughts in reality. We act what we think. That is why people who are very interested in earning money take up casino games as their favourite sport. People who are lazy and introverts possibly are glued to their sofa sets and residential gaming zones. Sports and our lives are really dependent on each other. While our culture shapes up the kind of sports that we indulge into, sports resonate our passions and choices and orientations.

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