Hope shines the brightest in the darkest moments!

On 13th November 2015, a perfectly coordinated series of terror attacks at seven locations in Paris, has not only rocked France but the entire world. The terrorists used a combination of suicide bombings, mindless mass shootings and creating hostage situation to carry out a terrible attack on humanity. This assault on humanity is going to be a defining moment in world history and will force world leaders to take a cold, hard look at the way terrorism should be treated.

Unity is Strength, so let us stand together as one world!

Unity is Strength, so let us stand together as one world!

The trauma and fear of the people who have closely witnessed these attacks or if their family members have been injured or killed, is difficult to understand and it is pertinent for support groups to be formed on an immediate basis. These support groups can counsel the victims and their families so that it helps them to gradually erase the painful memories associated with such terrifying incidents.

Though the memory and fear generated by such incidents are difficult to erase quickly, we must realize that all terrorist acts are cowardly acts that use the common man on the street as their targets. A person killed or injured during this attack in Paris was in no way connected nor responsible for any political situation nor for the terrorists’ state of mind. Such cowards do not have the courage to face a particular situation and take the easiest way out by using weapons to solve their problems.

One has to understand that such terror attacks are meant to diminish the spirit of freedom and independence of individuals and nations and the best way to tackle this situation is to go back to the routine without making any changes. A leaf can be taken out of the Mumbai attacks of 2008 where similar simultaneous and co-ordinated strikes crippled Mumbai for a few hours. Similarly a series of seven Train blasts in the suburbs of Mumbai in 2006 were conducted to create a fear psychosis in Mumbai. But the people of Mumbai resisted this brilliantly by bouncing back to normalcy within hours of the explosions. This sent a loud and clear message to the terrorist groups out there that the people here would not be cowed down and would resist them with a steely resolve.

The fearlessness and solidarity shown by organizers, spectators and players at the football match between England and France at Wembley is the kind of act that is needed in this hour of crisis. Imagine 70000 spectators singing La Marseillaise – the French national anthem with the England team and British PM joining in. This is the kind of strong riposte that needs to be given to the terrorist groups.

Let us all seek to appeal to the goodness of humanity so that the terrorist groups responsible for the Paris terror will see the futility of such acts that bring out the worst in a human being.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said “Darkness cannot drive out darkness, only light can do that; Hate cannot drive hate out; only love can do that.

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  1. Oh! This was one shocking incident more because it shows terrorism has infiltrated into peaceful areas. Hope good sense and peace prevails.

  2. In my point of view, terror has a name- Islam.And Islam should not be confused with Muslims.I have several Muslim friends but they disavow Islam.
    Any religion, like Islam, that commands that only Allah is the only god and non Muslims are infidels and should be finished off, must be condemned.And if we do not condemn such thoughts, then be prepared for more such attacks.

  3. I am amazed at some comments here. I am a Hindu but, pinpointing at a religion has no meaning. All religions teach tolerance and to love. My heart bleeds for Paris bombings but blaming all the muslims in the world is just not right.

  4. This incident was so disheartening. Blaming Muslims for this tragedy was just unfair on all levels! God bless all the families who lost their loved ones.

  5. Just wondering what the world I is going through! Bombings , rapes, killings and just barbaric inhumanity. No wonders all good things take over bad things and soon shall happen when we can combat terrorism. Matter of fact , terrorising is not a reason to connect to God it’s just a notion to sync in ! No religious scripture has to say killings are humane ! None of it !

  6. Vikram, you have made a valid point by saying love is the remedy to all the hatred and terrorism, and the examples you have mentioned perfectly fit to it, we cannot counter terrorism with terrorism .. humanity staying strong does 🙂

  7. On hearing the news I immediately emailed my colleague in Paris. Though just a colleague; an overwhelming sense of fear surrounded me and I didn’t find peace until 3 days later when she replied to my email mentioning that she is safe.
    I mean just look at this, I am 1000’s of miles apart but the fear still got to me. At times I fail to understand why terrorists ruin lives of so many innocent people. We (the people) do the daily grind, spend our lives doing so much work & stress, build relations and poof, everything vanishes in just one attack!
    I don’t really like it but all we can do is just be in Peace & Move on!

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