Things that have taken down writing as a profession #ChallengerSeries

The Family of Writers

“Writers are stupid because they choose to write about life rather than choose to have a life.” Surprised to read this? Well, these thoughts didn’t come from my brain. It’s Matt Haig – a renowned author who says ‘Writers are… Continue Reading

5 Books that made me the person I am #blogchatter #prompt

5 books that made me the person I am today

New Year is just round the corner and we will all be drifting through a caboodle of resolutions that fade out before they even take off. Resolutions are declarations or promises you make to yourself to be ‘a better person’… Continue Reading

5 things that make Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’

Crescent shaped Kovalam Beach Image courtesy: Kerala Tourism Board

Nestled between the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the east, Kerala is a world away from the turmoil of everywhere. Shaped by its covered landscape, Kerala offers quite white-sand beaches, laid-back network of gleaming backwaters;… Continue Reading

Follow these simple tips and see your email subscribers jump from zero to thousands

Email subscriptions

Is getting more email signups on your mind? Are you looking for ways to drive more traffic to your site? Considered as the third most effective marketing tool for lead generation, Email Marketing has acquired immense popularity from day one.… Continue Reading