5 secrets to make your blog a smash hit! #Blogchatter #Prompt

Having a popular blog is all about getting your word out there but not all bloggers are able to attract tons of readers through their posts.

5 secrets to make your blog a smash hit!

5 secrets to make your blog a smash hit!

Bloggers often wonder how some blogs become popular so quickly and they are still nowhere even after years of hard work.

I have been blogging for a considerable time now and have learned a few secrets along the way.

Here are some you can use to achieve blogging success:

# 1 – Catchy headlines is your ‘success mantra’

Headlines are no less than advertisements for your content and readers will go away even if your posts are well-written.

Perhaps, headlines are your make or break blogging secret. So, if your headlines do not serve purpose, it is likely no one will read your actual posts. For example, 12 Key Decorating Tips to Make Any Room Better will get more readers than Decorating Tips for Home for the same post.

# 2 – Help your audience not yourself!

People generally tend to ask, “What’s in it for me?” Same goes for a blog as well. Your posts need to be insanely useful for your audience. Get over yourself and be prepared to step into your readers’ shoes the moment you sit down to write.

Explore new angles, build new resources and give your story an original spin even if you are discussing the same story that your competitors are talking about.

Speak from your own experience and pound your audience with helpful information with each post you write.

# 3 – Don’t compromise on content, whatsoever…

Keep things easy and break up the text. The more readable information you have on your blog, the more readers will love it.

Your audience is probably having a hard time fulfilling their daily responsibilities and come to you for some light-hearted reading (and not getting a sermon!).

Give it a shot and they’ll keep coming back to you.

You must have heard ‘Out of sight is out of mind’. Well, this holds true for a blog too.

The way your blog looks paves the path to its success. Visually appealing blogs usually drive more traffic than those with inconsistent design.

It’s always good to take on images to break up text heavy pages. You can also use videos to lend a receptive and visual aspect to your blog.

# 4 – Be a part of conversation

A blog is more of a conversation or engagement, and trust me; no one likes to be lectured.

Your blog is a great platform to interact with your readers. Giving them an opportunity to reply or leave comments will make them all the more confident about you.

Even if they are not interacting with you, your posts should always carry a conversational tone.

# 5 – Try new things… yes it pays off!

Top bloggers stay ahead of the game – not because they have an appealing blog or write unique content but because they have something unique to share which others lack.

Get on your toes and find new ways to engage your readers.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with new things. In the beginning you might fail but eventually you’ll find success.

This post was written in response to a #WritePrompt #WhatsYourSecret from @Blogchatter. As mentioned by Kala Ravi on her blog, it’s a wonderful platform for bloggers from every genre, that encourages, motivates and educates on everything blogging!

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  1. Vikram I am so happy to see you writing all these secrets to blogging and why bloggig posts because the newbies can learn so much from you 🙂 Why this is a great list once again. I believe conversation is number one secret 🙂

  2. Brilliant Vikram! Letting us in on some of your simple yet powerful secrets! Really valuable tips for all bloggers! Thanks for the mention! And keep sharing such nuggets of wisdom 🙂

  3. Great post! You’ve distilled everything that page one of Google would throw up and people would need to read multiple links! Brilliant work!

  4. Crisp and clear points, which have hit the hammer on the nail.

    There is no better way to sum up the key ingredients of a blog post. Especially loved the emphasis on Point #3.

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