5 things I can’t do without! #Blogchatter #Prompt

Have you ever wondered about things you can’t live without? Did it ever happen that you had to live without your favorite things?

We all have a few important things in our lives we can’t do without. It can be anything from a phone to a computer; music to coffee and so on. And the very idea of losing it (or not being around) sends us jitters.

As a blogger, I also feel the necessity to have a certain set of things (or people) around me without whom I can’t pull off more.

So, this very thought compelled me to write out 5 things bloggers can’t live without:

#1 – Blogging

Obvious it may sound though, blogging is an important part of a blogger’s life and they don’t seem to go long without it. I am saying this from my personal experience. My blogging trend might shoot up one month and see a major fall in next, but I will always keep returning to it.

Bloggers want to write and a blog is their notebook where they can share their life stories and some useful insights that add value to readers. Like any other activity such as sleeping or eating, blogging has also become my daily habit.

#2 – Family

Before being bloggers we are human beings. Yes, human beings with relationships. I love my family. I cannot live without my family… nor will I want to live without them. Needless to say, family means everything to me (and you 🙂 ). It is through family, I draw a lot of courage and strength. My family includes my wonderful wife, two lovely daughters, parents, brothers, and extended family.

A family trip to Vaishno Devi

A family trip to Vaishno Devi

#3 – Travelling

It’s not because I am a travel blogger, I have included travelling in this ‘can’t-do-without list’ but because travelling is like my staple food, something I can’t do without. While travelling gives me pleasure, it’s more of a learning experience. As an author and regular blogger, I draw inspiration from new things and people I come across while travelling.

More than a writer, I am a backpacker and never forget to carry my camera, my water bottle and of course, my laptop – never missing an opportunity to document my travels.

#4 – Smartphone

Talk about things you (or for that matter I) can’t live without and phone doesn’t get listed… Impossible!

My Smartphone can do anything an Aladdin genie can do 🙂 Literally? No… but its pretty close. Well, what else you can ask for? From emails, internet browsing, photo editing to social media networking, all can be done on this smart device anywhere, anytime.

I no more carry my heavy laptop everywhere. All I need is my smartphone and my all purposes (as a blogger!) are fulfilled completely!

#5 – Coffee

Well, I am a daily coffee guy since my teenage! And it’s been more than 10 years and my habit is still not changed and “seriously speaking, I don’t want to”. I need my lattes everyday and feel lifeless (and thoughtless too) if I don’t have it.

I don’t visit Café Coffee Day (CCD) every day, I usually brew a coffee in my scullery but yes, I love dropping in CCD sometimes! As CCD puts it ‘a lot can happen over coffee’, a blogger can make the most out of his/her day after sipping some really good coffee.

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Vikram Kamboj

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  1. Wow.. Good to know that u’ve blogging in ‘cannot do without’ since am still to find that +ive aura in blogging area.. 🙂

  2. I could identify with all the five. And blogging at #1….that’s great! Loved the super cute pic of the kiddos 🙂

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