5 things that make Kerala ‘God’s Own Country’

Nestled between the Arabian Sea on the west and the Western Ghats on the east, Kerala is a world away from the turmoil of everywhere. Shaped by its covered landscape, Kerala offers quite white-sand beaches, laid-back network of gleaming backwaters; and the spice and tea-layered hills to people who visit this state.

Crescent shaped Kovalam Beach Image courtesy: Kerala Tourism Board

Crescent shaped Kovalam Beach
Image courtesy: Kerala Tourism Board

With tranquility, calmness and happiness offered to its visitors, the slogan, ‘God’s Own Country’ becomes quite relevant for Kerala. Home to stuff like ornate houseboats, ayurvedic treatments and exquisitely spiced, mellowing cuisines, wild elephants, colorful birds, and the odd tiger, Kerala is the ultimate away-from-it-all destination. Vibrant Kathakali plays, entertaining temple celebrations and snake-boat races all come together to fascinate soul-searching surfers.

Here’s a quick look at 5 things that make this Indian coastal stateGod’s own country:

#1 – Beaches and Backwaters

Unwind in the tranquil backwaters, experience a local homestay, pamper yourself on serene beaches…

Get an opportunity to eyeball the most wonderful sunsets, relax on the white-sand beaches. , drift through the calm backwaters and rise at dawn to experience the sunrise. Fall in love with diversity of South India that comprises of emerald coconut plantations, turquoise lakes and gentle lagoons. Take in the alluring fragrance of cardamom as you ramble through spice gardens. Untangle yourself with some yoga in leisure time.

Top beaches include Bekal, Kovalam, Alleppey, Kappad and Marari.

#2 – Indulging Ayurvedic Treatments

Feel you senses come alive in the ‘God’s own country’!

Kerala is ‘the place to be’ if you are looking to soothe your body, mind and soul. Truly a paradise, this place offers unique ayurvedic treatments that come from centuries of traditional Indian therapeutic practices. From refreshing panchakarma session, uplifting aromatherapy massage to lively herbal cures, Kerala offers everything that will revitalize your inner being.

#3 – Entertaining Kathakali Performances

Sit in and be charmed while you catch a glimpse of unique dance form…

Kerala’s very own classical dance form, Kathakali is a well-acclaimed performing art. Dating back to the 17th century, the performances embrace colorful make-up, ostentatious costumes and charming movements, not to mention the trance-inducing music that goes along each vivacious performance.

#4 – Flavorful meals

Food that will tingle both your taste-buds and senses…

Get the taste of Malabar menu that features pothu (beef), aviyal (veggies in flavorsome coconut gravy), payasam (semolina caramelized milk) and scores of other cuisines. With world-celebrated kitchens that roll out unordinary, palatable dishes day after day, the visitors get a chance to sample food that’s truly blissful. Team up your meal with a locally-tapped coconut palm wine, a deliciously refreshing drink that you can only get in ‘God’s own country’.

#5 – Exotic Wildlife

Eyeball fascinating wildlife and get the rarest of the rare experiences!!

From Indian fables to the virgin forests of the Periyar Tiger Reserve, the Royal Bengal Tigers have always attracted tourists from across the globe. Giving them company are animals like elephants, leopards and varied species of deer, monkeys and snakes. So, get amongst the beasts for an unforgettable adventure.

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