A visit to Fateh Burj at Chappar Chiri

I recently got the chance to visit Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial at Chappar Chiri, Mohali with my family. It was a wonderful experience to learn about Sikh History through this War Memorial. Baba Banda Singh Bahadur fought with a small group against Wazir Khan’s Mughal forces. This 328 ft tower and the surrounding hillocks around it with statues of the main fighters of this war, is a testimonial to the war that happened in early 18th century.

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial at Chappar Chiri, Mohali

Baba Banda Singh Bahadur War Memorial at Chappar Chiri, Mohali

Chappar Chiri

In the history of Sikh warriors, Chappar Chiri deserves a special mention because this was the place where one of the memorable wars were fought and won by the Sikhs. Banda Singh Bahadur, the head of the war gained a rebellious victory over the Mughal army led by Wazir Khan. It has been noted as one of the important victories that established the Sikh rule at that time.

A place very close to Mohali and about 20 kilometers from Sirhind is called as the Museum of Chappar Chiri. The museum is spread over a big area and it has an auditorium that displays a show on the fallen Sikh warriors of India.

Battle of Chappar Chiri

The war that was carried out between the Mughal and Khalsa forces in May of 1710 is famously known as the battle of Chappar Chiri. The head of the battle was Banda Singh Bahadur under the banner of Kesari Nishan Sahib. In the period between 11th century and the start of 18th century, Indian forces endured many battles against the Mughals but won only this one and that’s why this battle has a great significance in the history of India. This war is also recognized as the first war of Indian Independence against foreign invaders. Wazir Khan was the Mughal ruler killed during the war and that lead to the victory over the Mughal army.

Sirhind was an emerging city during the times of war, but many of the Sikh fighters destroyed all the forts and palaces constructed by the Mughals because that reminded them of the torture and sacrifices done by the sons of their Guru Gobind Singh.

Fateh Burj

Wazir Khan was killed by Banda Singh Bahadur in the 1710 battle to establish a Sikh rule over Sirhind. In the victorious memory of the battle, Fateh Burj was constructed by the Sikhs because the Sikh rule was established all over India in 1711. In Mohali, it is the tallest tower with the height of 328 feet. It is present in the same field where the battle was also fought.

Fateh Burj at Chappar Chiri

Fateh Burj at Chappar Chiri

The Gurudwara of Baba Banda Bahadur is present midst of the villages, Ban, Chhoti and Chappar Chiri. There is metallic raod which joins them to the Gurudwara that was established in the 1950s. A hall was also built in 1970 where the Guru Granth Sahib is now present, but the main building is being used as an elementary school for kids around the area. There is also a building for a library which was added recently and the Gurudwara committee itself represents the administration of the school.

Since Chappar Chiri is very accessible, one can visit the place by rail or road ways. The ideal time to visit the elegant village is between October and March because the climate is nearly perfect at that time. It is located to some of the major cities in Punjab state so bus services would work perfectly during these months that offer travel packages as well. Many travelers often visit the beautiful village in order to learn more about the Indian history get indulged in the scenic nature of the place.

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