Follow these simple tips and see your email subscribers jump from zero to thousands

Is getting more email signups on your mind? Are you looking for ways to drive more traffic to your site?

Considered as the third most effective marketing tool for lead generation, Email Marketing has acquired immense popularity from day one.

About 91% of users visit their email every day (or even more!) generating 13% of all leads – a huge number for an online marketer.

Email subscriptions

Email subscriptions

Email matters! The very fact that people don’t change their email addresses so easily makes it all the more powerful than any other social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest where people join and leave frequently.

Read through my meaty post to know how to get tons of email subscribers to your website:

#1 – Offer a Freebie… It works!

We all love freebies, don’t we? Then, why not give something to your readers in return for an email address. Earlier, the idea seemed foreign to me until I realized that my audience wants a brief run-through of what they just read.

While a simple PDF checklist, summary or template helps readers implement the things talked of, it also helps you attain a good number of email addresses. A win-win situation for both 🙂

#2 – Stick to Sticky Widget

Want audience sticking around your posts? Use sticky widget and see your email numbers growing. This helps when your posts are long and readers get an option to opt-in at all times (while reading the post).

As the word suggests, ‘sticky’, the widget would move along as the people scroll down your page.

Isn’t it fabulous? Yes, it is. Indeed, a supreme way to see more email signups coming in.

#3 – Pop-Ups… say them yes!

We don’t fancy pop-ups. Do we? While bloggers are reluctant to use them, readers come across them quite frequently.

Install a SumoMe pop-up and you’ll see your email list increasing by leaps and bounds. Just, make sure your pop-up shows at a good time interval and is turned-off on pages it does not make sense.

#4 – By-lines are important

By-lines are a small line of text that says who the post was written by. You can see them at the top of every post.

Now, how you can utilize by-lines space to drive more email signups is quite interesting. Start with removing publish dates and replace it with a call to action under the post title.

You get two benefits. One, you get more conversion rates, two, readers don’t leave without reading taking it as a new post and not an old one. Smarter as I am 🙂

#5 – Content Upgrades

You must have heard companies say, “We go extra mile to provide a service”. Content Upgrades are quite similar to going that extra mile to add value to your posts and then asking readers to opt-in to access it.

This value added content can be anything from a short video, a summary to a printable PDF checklist and is mentioned within your post.

Trust me; it will drive a targeted traffic to your site which is much more relevant than general audience stalking your site.

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  1. Excellent post Vikram . Very useful tips for keen but new kids on the blogging block ! Will try to implement as many particularly like the sticky widget and I can’t believe how simple to free giveaway idea is .. Must try it . Thanks once again!

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