Things that have taken down writing as a profession #ChallengerSeries

“Writers are stupid because they choose to write about life rather than choose to have a life.”

Surprised to read this? Well, these thoughts didn’t come from my brain. It’s Matt Haig – a renowned author who says ‘Writers are Stupid’ in his blog post dated August 20, 2015.

Having read this post about 2 years ago, I never agreed with him!

The Family of Writers

The Family of Writers

Confused, why I have mentioned him here? Well, recently I came across this picture – The Family of Writers and soon felt Matt Haig was partially right or I must say, completely right.

My first thoughts on The Family of Writers…

The very first time when I saw this picture, it brought me a big smile. A mother writing on ‘The Saintly Mother With An Ungrateful Family: A Memoir’, a son penning down thoughts on his father in “Idiot: A Biography of My Father”, a cat banging out ‘The Stupid Dog: A Novel’… and so on.

But, deep down I was moved by the idea, “what could have inspired someone to draw a picture like this?” or “what would have been his thought process when he drew this picture?”

And finally I am here with a full blog post dedicated to ‘The Family of Writers’.

My secondary thoughts…

I have always believed in ‘writing is an art’ but seeing this picture, “I beg to differ”.

Gone are the days, when writers used to take writing as an art to express them beautifully. More than art, it has now become a ‘craft’ – something that’s more ‘functional’ than ‘artistic beauty’.

And this picture defines it very clearly. Let’s see how:

Negativity is replacing Positivity

From William Wordsworth to Gabriel Garcia Marquez, all writers have long-before admired the beauty of life, the beauty of nature and the beauty of small things which is quite opposite to present writers.

Today’s writings are filled with criticism, negativity, revenge and hatred for someone who they don’t like or they don’t agree with. The dog writing on “The Dead Cat: A Mystery” is the perfect example explaining the feelings of hatred and revenge; writers hold against each other.

Mindless writing without any inspiration

Unlike ancient times when writers used to invest time drawing inspiration from things around, the present authors don’t even think once before they start jotting down mindlessly.

I’m not saying that we have fallen short of ideas… There are many who are doing great in writing field but somewhere it’s also correct that every Tom, Dick and Harry is turning a writer or wants to be a writer these days.

The Family of Writers’ best explains this thought where everyone is busy writing something or other. The picture depicts lack of inspiration amongst present writers and their desperation to be called as ‘a writer’ irrespective of how senseless their writings might be.

Writers’ insensitivity to bigger issues

I don’t know how many of you agree with this but ‘writers are an asset for a country’. As the old adage says “A pen is mightier that a sword”, the writers can make a big difference to the country or to the world as a whole.

However, present writers don’t seem to have a ‘broader perspective’ where they can stop commenting on petite things and take down stuff that can improve the lives of others. The father penning down on ‘Lazy: The Story of Today’s Pampered Youth’ perfectly depicts the insensitivity that present writers hold to bigger issues nowadays.

Happiness has vanished from the scene

Initially writers inspired happiness and made the world a better place to live in. They wrote with a responsibility, a message.

But, writers of today seem to be living in a different world altogether. Rather than being happy in what they have, they are filled with feelings of regret and remorse. Needless to say but they are sending a wrong message to the society.

‘I Wish I Was a Princess: A Tale of Regret’ underlines the harsh reality that writers nowadays don’t inspire happiness but their writings portray more of dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Having captured all the thoughts (that I have or the person who created this picture might have), all I want to say is what category of writers you want to associate with entirely depends on you.

Remember, the same person who wrote ‘Writers are Stupid’ concluded his post with this fantastic line:

“Writers are stupid because they have the best job in the world and whinge about it.”

Make use of the comments section below and let me know what category of writers you belong to… !

This prompt was posted under the #BlogBuddy #Mavericks #ChallengerSeries in response to the challenge thrown by Akshay Iyer .

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  1. Hi Vikram! A very interesting post and the best part was that the picture evoked a similar response when I first saw it. Wonderfully written. Congratulations on completing the Challenger series.

  2. I think a very poignant post Vikram! I verily agree that the very same thoughts occurred to me regarding the writing process. Writing has become as common as sharing your photos on FB…..with sometimes as little thought put in. Great going team #Mavericks!

  3. A very well written and articulated post on the above picture! Yes, even I do feel that writers now-a-days simply write for the sake of writing and when money gets involved it makes matter worse. Hopefully, there are other fraternity called bloggers who write for the passion they have and possesses the power to change lives and spread smiles. 🙂

  4. Lovely post. I think i belong to the Ton, Dick, Harry clan. Sooner i realised it, i am relaxing. I dont have to have a hit novel.

  5. Such a fantastic interpretation of this picture. I could never have drawn such insights from it. This just shows how good of a writer you are. I have saved this article, mainly for inspiration and also as lessons for me as a writer to keep in mind. We have lost a lot of goodness, and we have forgotten the full potential of what this role of a writer holds. Thanks for reminding me that.

  6. Sadly I do agree with you. We now days just write. We do not read. Everyone just want to type type type. Who is reading all that? I always wonder

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