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Did you know that, according to some research, more than 170,000 blogs are being created worldwide on a daily basis? A blog can indeed turn into a powerful tool if you choose the right strategy right from the beginning. There are many reasons why individuals as well as companies decide to share content online with a blog. Now I would like to reveal the benefits that I gained from blogging:

Why I blog?

Why I blog?

# 1 – I can share my expertise about what I do and know. This again helps me to improve my personal authority. I can grow advocacy, awareness and authority as a thought leader in a particular area, in my case it is about sports. It helps me to increase my visibility as well as my credibility.

# 2 – I can show a more human side of my personality by providing my audience with more personal insights about myself. I’m used to share my personal experiences, my thoughts and opinions on several occasions. This was always something that the audience appreciated.

# 3 – I can use different ways of multimedia to share great content such as: text, video, audio, images, infographics etc. I realised that the more diverse the format of my content is, the more people I am able to attract to my blog.

# 4 – I don’t have to write in a formal style, as it would be the case with other traditional media, I can apply a more conversational writing style. People find the content therefore more attractive and enjoyable to read.

# 5 – I can share authentic content on several social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook etc.) about a topic that I feel passionate about, such as sports. Blogging helps me to grow awareness and opinions from those who potentially matter.

# 6 – It definitely drives more traffic to my blog/website. There are several studies that show that people (or also companies) who blogged, achieved more than 50 % of additional website traffic than those that didn’t. Keeping my blog up-to-date on a regular basis with interesting and fresh content always pays off.

# 7 – By providing enriching blog posts with real value, I can increase my number of blog subscribers, fans, followers and advocates considerably. It allows me to turn my loyal followers into my own marketers, who voluntarily and easily help me to spread my content online even further.

# 8 – I can engage with my audience in a way, that some years ago, was not possible. I can ask questions and encourage my readers to share their thoughts, opinions and experiences. It’s truly a much more engaging way of interacting with my avid readers. It gives me also a lot of satisfaction of creating content that people appreciate reading.

# 9 – Blogging also allows me to network with other highly interesting people, such as other bloggers of the same industry or other Sports Enthusiasts.

# 10 –  It helps me to develop my professional skills even further. I learnt so much in the process and at the same time it allowed me also to improve my writing style and my researching skills.

# 11 – Last but not least, it helps me to attract potential sponsors to place ads on my blog website, which is surely an interesting side-effect of my blogging efforts.

These were the reasons that make “blogging” for me so worthwhile. Whatever the goal is that YOU want to achieve with a blog (making money, showing off your expertise or just sharing your thoughts), make sure you always provide highly useful content on a regular basis. Make it so good, that your readers simply can’t ignore your content and keep on spreading the word about your blog to their own network. Now it would be great if you would share what benefits you got from blogging. Your feedback is always highly appreciated. Thank you!

The original post is published at: The Sports Mirror

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