Top 5 Insanely Useful Blogging Tips for 2016

2015 has been an amazing year for blogging industry with some new entrees becoming grand slams and the already established ones reaching top level and we’ll welcome the 2016 with great pomp and show.

Having said that, it’s time to see, what all 2016 have in for bloggers, what all trends will go great guns for blogging industry and what all things they should tag along?

Blogging Tips for 2016

Blogging Tips for 2016

Here are top 5 insanely useful blogging tips for 2016 by me:

#1 – Be creative

I am into blogging for one reason – to share what all I have in a creative way. Blogging doesn’t stand for bringing out the stale content that’s already there on Internet but finding out new ways to engage your audience.

The present blogging scene is completely revolutionized with photography and visuals making it big and glorious editorial/reporting style of writing; that complements nearly each blog.

In 2016, the creativity will continue to define the blogging landscape and will grow more valuable.

With the blogging growing so colossal, making your identity is no less than a challenge. Yes, you can seek inspiration from others but stick to your style, passion and creativity… and remember to stand out 🙂

#2 – Be sociable

Blogging and social media are two sides of the same coin. Latter ignored can certainly bring the former down.

Social world has been a rip-roaring success and even networking sites like Facebook has witnessed a tough competition from Snapchat & Instagram.

In 2016, the trend is going to continue making social engines more and more important for bloggers & their brands.

I have leveraged social media to a great extent until now and will continue to do so in the New Year but with more integrity and dedication. So, take my advice – DEFINE you BRANDS and ensure everyday presence on your SOCIAL CHANNELS to build an engaging community.

#3 – Indulge in audios & visuals

YouTube and video content will continue to ride the gravy train in 2016 as well. So, bloggers who don’t have a YouTube channel will lag behind in the blogging world.

I personally don’t have one but if I had time I would love to undertake a good quality video content series possibly spotlighted on niches like lifestyle, travel & sports.

People out there treasure audios and visuals. Besides, video content is rage among brands and they are even seeking support of bloggers in getting their own content strategies designed. And, this is going to stay around in 2016 too!

#4 – Become a brand partner

In 2016, the bloggers will continue to associate with brands. Perhaps, it will become even bigger, stronger, and long-lasting rather than partnership for just one off features.

Having started their blogs as a hobby, bloggers today are highly rewarded for they have successfully learned to leg-up the commercial side of it. So much so, some bloggers have taken to blogging as a full time career.

Trust me; this won’t change in the coming year too!!

#5 – Maintain your integrity

Last but certainly not the least, integrity of the blogger or industry influencer is critical to his/her success.

Whether it is about the content I generate or being honest to commercials I partner with, my integrity has made me come so far.

So, if you want to remain ahead of the game, maintain your integrity as a blogger in 2016 as well 🙂

Vikram Kamboj

Aspiring Media Enthusiast, Cricket Tragic, Football Fanatic, Avid Reader, Amateur Photographer & Wannabe Sports Writer.


  1. Valuable inputs my friend. Good content will always work…..but only if it reaches the readers, hence the importance of being socially visible with latest eye catching audio visuals. Great pointers.

  2. wonderful tips Vikram. Being creative sociable and constantly looking for opportunities for growth like collaborations with bloggers and brands is definitely one of the top things to keep in mind for a blogger. Also video content is gaining a lot of traction and demand. So if we are not equipped with the resources needed for delivery video content, we are going to have to up the ante with our written content.

  3. I have really wanted to start the audio visual on my blog but I am always lazy. Thanks for highlighting its importance

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