Top Highlights of Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2016

Celebrated as the “Rural Olympics of India”, the festival is frequented by thousands of sportspersons who show up to exhibit their stamina, fearlessness and willingness to participate in one-of-its-kind most hair-raising and offbeat sport activities.

Kila Raipur Sports Festival, Rural Olympics of India

Kila Raipur Sports Festival, Rural Olympics of India

Its popularity can be known by the fact that more than 1 million people attend this event!

When is Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2016 held?

A 3-day event, this Sports Festival is mostly held in the months of January and February. This time, the Kila Raipur Sports Festival 2016 is taking place from 4 February to 7 February.

Who kick started Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur?

Started by the famous contributor Inder Singh Grewal, the first Kila Raipur Sports Festival took place in 1993. Inspired by an idea to bring together growers from neighboring districts each year, this event was organized to see their physical stamina and sturdiness.

Needless to say, this marked the birth of Rural Olympics in Kila Raipur. With a focus to have “healthy mind in a healthy body”, the event always looked for “excellence” in its each race or contest. And this was achieved with enrollment in backbreaking sports events.

The society also counted on sports events to pull young boys and girls and even experienced, to break from their conventional households and exhibit their skills and strength in classic rural sports.

The event within a short duration of 80 years has transformed into one of the most electrifying and vivacious experience for the youngsters. More than 4000 sportsperson from across the globe compete in this illustrious international sports festival.

Where are these Rural Olympics held in the country?

The event is held in Kila Raipur, situated 15 km away from Ludhiana in Punjab. Well connected by road, rail and air, this village is highly accessible from New Delhi, the capital of India.

What all you get to see in this annual sporting event?

Celebrated as the Indian Rural Olympics, the Kila Raipur event is typically shaped up to test the skills, stability, will-power and patience of players.

‘Seeing is believing’ – the old adage goes well with these games as its thrill and action can only be experienced when you see it. From mules, camels, bullocks, horses to dogs and more, all animals participate in different races and it’s a feast for eyes to see sportsmen compete with each other.

It goes without saying but bullock cart races are the biggest come-on for its adrenaline-pumping, track-gleaming and stupefying sensation. While crowds can be seen shouting crazily, the winner of this breathtaking race gets a grand cash prize. The bullock-cart races that have given Kila Raipur games popularity the world over will not be a part of the event this year.

Camel marathon, horse dance, dog contest, tug-of-war and tractor match are other sporting events that add to its charisma and magic. Besides, activities where players use teeth to elevate cycles and bricks, use ears to drag vehicles, lay underneath a moving tractor, ride a cycle with charred wheels and several other ultra-sharp performances will certainly send you Goosebumps.

A new addition to the list is octogenarian race where sportsperson are showered with great respect, honor and admiration.

So, hurry up and make arrangements for a Ludhiana trip to indulge in the real fun and return with some seriously bizarre yet beautiful pictures 🙂

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