Top Highlights of Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav 2015-16

It goes without saying but Cricket is none less than an epic in our country and worshipped by millions. And, that is why Wonder Cement brought you the unique concept of ‘Rural Cricket’ through their very own venture called “Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav”.

Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav

Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav

With an aim to make India a better place to live in, Wonder Cement decided to do some good to society through Rural Cricket. Having started off from Rajasthan, the Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav 2015-16 boasted of a superb performance, with 7 players on each side and 7 overs per inning in its every match.

But, its uniqueness didn’t stop here. Out of 10 members in a team if one player was a girl, then that team got a bonus of 7 runs for every match – yes, this was the biggest TWISTER of this Cricket Series. And, this twist was promoted elaborately in several ways including Experimental Marketing, Mass Media Communication and Ambient Branding that continued for whopping 2 months 🙂

Needless to say, Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav was one of the nation’s biggest consumer engagement drives as the complete engagement amount was more than 2 Cr people from Rajasthan. With more than 9000 teams having registered, the whole state was swept by the cricket fever for about 2 months. Leaving aside the audience, more than 90,000 active participants enrolled themselves for the Wonder Cement Saath7 across the state.

The tournament that kicked started on 19th December 2015 covered almost 248 Locations, 33 Districts and 9894 Villages in the Rajasthan state. Launched with an aim to get people of all age, gender and religion together, this Cricket Mahotsav came up as a big platform for cricket devotees who wanted to exhibit their talent to others but were not getting an opportunity to do so.

The Wonder Cement Cricket Tournament not only helped in identifying new cricket talent from grassroots of India but also promoted feelings of brotherhood, respect and peace of mind amongst Rajasthan people. While the response to this tournament was thrilling, it also engaged the whole state in a compelling format.

Total prize money of Rs. 30 Lacs was conferred upon winners at various levels of the Wonder Cement Saath7 Cricket Mahotsav. While MSG Club from Bikaner won Rs. 3,50,000/- as prize money, Pradhan Club of Udaipur was honored with Rs. 1, 40,000/- for their excellent performance. Other accolades included Best Batsman, Best Bowler, Best Fielder, Best Girl Player and Man of the Series.

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  1. Great initiative .. and the best part is girl in team. Loved the idea of 7 overs and 7 player. T20 may be getting a new Seven7 format in future 😛

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