Women’s Day: It’s all about celebrating these incredible ladies in our lives

On 8th March of every year, we celebrate International Women’s Day to pay a tribute to mothers, wives, sisters, fiancées, girlfriends, and friends, we have in our lives. These incredible human beings have made our lives meaningful and I wonder, what we would do if women were not there at all.

International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

It goes without saying we owe immensely to women, from mothers who woke up early morning to prepare our daily breakfast, sisters who stood by us in every suffering to wives who struggled day and night to manage everything at house and workplace.

On every Women’s Day i.e. 8th March, we celebrate these incredible ladies and take some time to show how much we respect them, we love them and we value them. Perhaps, this holiday holds special importance for those countries where females are till now compelled to undergo alarming inequality routinely and is celebrated to increase awareness regarding hardships and pains faced by these females.

On this very day, people around the world commemorate women’s history, headlining main events, achievements, milestones, and targets to further boost and increase awareness about women’s rights and to establish equal opportunities across all fields.

Women’s Day: How it all started

The very first Women’s Day was celebrated on 28th February 1909 in the city of New York. After two years, Luise Zietz, a German socialist suggested that this day should be celebrated annually and should commemorate women’s problems like suffrage, in order to champion their equal rights.

Initially Women’s Day showcased hundreds of movements that took place across the European continent, a stark different celebration than it is today. During these campaigns, women appealed that they should be given the permanent voting right and to work in public positions. Another important matter was the discrimination of employment sex.

In the year 1917, the movements in Russia’s Saint Petersburg, helped in starting the February Revolution during which females advanced throughout the city appealing the termination of World War I. The movement came as a shock to Leon Trotsky and other Russian heads who never expected the February 28th revolts to cause such a big turmoil.

Prior to 1977, this day was celebrated primarily in self-governing nations. But, with the intervention of United Nations, 8th March was proclaimed as International Women’s Day and since then it is celebrated on March 8th worldwide.

Women’s Day 2016: Celebrating the holiday

You can celebrate this day by:

  • Thanking women for what they have done for you and family.
  • Recognizing their efforts by simply saying , “I have no idea of how you do it”.
  • Gifting them a present that they value most in their lives.
  • Coming up with things that can improve women’s lives worldwide.
  • Attending any one event out of so many that educate you on women’s lives across the globe.
  • Donating for the women’s upliftment.
  • Reading books so that you can broaden your horizons about women achievements.
  • Reading biographies of women who inspire you to see them in a different light.

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  1. It was only now and through your article that I got to know how and when the Women’s Day celebration started. I’m lucky to be born in a country where women are treated with respect and almost equally with men. We are also pampered and showered with love and affection by our family and spouses.

  2. Thanks for the info on the origin of Women’s Day…for me being a woman is a matter of pride and the best way to feel the same everyday is when the whole society treats each day as Women’s Day and not just 1 day of the year

  3. Happy international womens day! One of the malls here in our country is promoting a women empowerment campaigns through various activities associating with women and I find it really amazing!
    I wonder if there is also such thing as International Men’s day? Just wondering hehe

  4. I think that another great thing to do on 8th March is to make commitment to the HeForShe organization, which the founder is the beautiful Emma Watson from Harry Potter (and many others). It’s just takes a click, it’s free and we are supporting gender equality!

  5. Would you believe that I spent most of my life not knowing about woman’s day. It was only when I met my partner 6 years ago that I was first gifted something for just being female!!! Although now I’m a Mother too and international woman’s day is a few days after the UK Mother’s Day I tend not to be given flowers but usually a nice meal is cooked for me! It was interesting reading the background of woman’s day!

  6. It’s great to read about history of 8th March. There is still a long road to equality and empowerment, but we already came really far!

  7. Nice article. It’s great to have women’s day – to celebrate and appreciate women.

    Like Roselle, I’m also lucky to be in a country where women are treated with respect and equality with men. I wouldn’t know anything else.

  8. I have never heard of women’s day. I keep hearing about Women’s History and now I know why. I am glad we do have this holiday. It is important to honor the women in our life.

  9. We don’t celebrate Women’s Day here but I love the sentiment behind it. I thought you had really good ideas on how to show women that you appreciate them and acknowledge them.

  10. I’ve seen Women’s Day celebrated as a marketing ploy, but not as a day to really accomplish what women have done and do. Thanks for your great post here!

  11. I am surprised to read the comments of some of my friends from the western world about their non awareness of women’s day.Could it be that us Indians are so besotted by this concept that is so alien to our culture?

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