The Power of a Blogbuddy

Blogging is a great way to connect with the world and express one’s ideas and thoughts. It’s no more a ‘side-business’ but a passion and a great chance to meet like minded people and be known among masses.

It’s hard-work and can be a time-consuming and often lonely business, with countless hours easily being spent just on the writing, publishing and promoting of a single post. However, none of this would have been possible without the support from the community, and, above all, my blogbuddies.

The Power of a Blogbuddy

The Power of a Blogbuddy

No one likes talking to themselves all the time so it is wonderful that there are actually those who support what you do, share your work, who celebrate your successes, gripes and queries. Someone who are prepared to listen to the inevitable worries and insecurity that plague most writers, and then who give a verbal slap, tell you to shut up and stop being silly.

I’m fortunate in that there’s a number of friends I would consider to be part of my community, and I value all of them. However, none of this would have been possible without the support from the community, and, above all, my blogbuddies.

If you want to increase your exposure, build important alliances, learn from others who have embarked upon the same path, or reap other important benefits, blogbuddy can enhance your blogging experience and keep you on track.

There are many benefits of finding a blogbuddy or a community of bloggers who will offer you all the help and assistance you seek in the blogging world or ‘blogosphere’ and committing to work together for the common good of your blogs.

  • Helps you to meet new faces and bloggers every day and build relationship with other bloggers. This is one of the best benefits of joining blogging communities.
  • Discuss and plan your upcoming posts, related content and other activities through blogbuddy calendar.
  • Share your recent post to the community and get traffic.
  • Can engage and share each other’s blogs.
  • Blogbuddies are sharing their latest posts, you’ll get insights of new trends and ideas. This will help you to improve your blogging knowledge.
  • Work on blogging campaigns/projects together.
  • Share each others posts through social media and with other bloggers.
  • Work on guest posts among the blogbuddies.
  • Get feedback on posts, prior to pressing publish.

Do you have a blogbuddy? If so, how has it helped you and your blog? Would you please add your suggestions to the comment section below?

I am a Blogbuddy with Blogchatter!

Vikram Kamboj

Aspiring Media Enthusiast, Cricket Tragic, Football Fanatic, Avid Reader, Amateur Photographer & Wannabe Sports Writer.

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  1. Hey Vikram
    Your post made me nostalgic. It was a great learning experience being in the same group when Blog buddy program began and each word youve written is true.
    Your journey as a blogger and an entrepreneur is so inspiring , I wish you the very best in the new chapter 🙂

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