Terra Real Vegetable Chips: Why you’ll love it

Potato chips are my biggest hang-up. I have no problem turning down sweets, but chips are another story. Something about the salty/crunchy goodness just makes my mouth water. I’m sure you understand. And there just is no worthy substitute for me!

Terra Real Vegetable Chips

Terra Real Vegetable Chips

Recently, I bought a box of terra chips from Amazon. The box contains a bag each of Terra Original, Terra Blues and Terra Mediterranean.

Each bag provides an enjoyable way to get all your daily servings met. The delicious combination of root veggies, plant-based cooking oils, and salt provides irresistible crunch as well as a mix of delicate flavors that’s a little bit savory and a little bit sweet. Whether these crisps are part of a weekday lunch, a hearty afternoon snack, or a colorful companion to party dips and salsas, they’re always sure to please.

Terra Chips are made with only 100 percent natural ingredients, inspired by the work of master chefs who founded the company with modest roots more than 20 years ago, providing a gourmet snack food that you can munch on without any of the guilt.

When thinking of choices for refreshments, particularly potato chips, “healthy” isn’t always the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, images of greasy bags of over-salted crisps might pop up. But whereas those traditional options are packed with trans fatty acids that can weigh down the body, Terra Chips are quite literally like taking a bite out of real vegetables, which can provide a good amount of vitamins and minerals in the process.

Terra Real Vegetable Chips - Terra Original, Terra Blues and Terra Mediterranean

Terra Real Vegetable Chips – Terra Original, Terra Blues and Terra Mediterranean

No mystery additives, peculiar chemicals that you can’t pronounce, or loads of sodium here – just healthful, wholesome ingredients. Because Terra Chips are also handmade and not pumped out in a factory, the result is a carefully manufactured vegan, non-GMO, and low glycemic snack.

Pair with Terra Real Vegetable Chips and fresh fruit like strawberries for a full-rounded snack that satisfies all your salty, sweet, and savory cravings.

Terra Chips present a mix of hearty root vegetables, you’ll actually get a more interesting combination of flavors than regular potato chips.

Terra Chips are an explosion of colours, textures, flavours and tastes and that too made out of real vegetables. All this makes the experience of eating Terra chips so unique that it is nothing short of an adventure, an exciting journey that lets discover the different facets of Terra. It is an adventure that begins even before you take the first bite.

Do you love chips? Try Terra Chips and comment below about your healthy snacking experience…

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