100% natural mosquito repellents for babies that you would love!

Increasing awareness about malaria, dengue and chikungunya has led to a dramatic growth in sales of mosquito repellents. From personal mosquito repellent creams, fabric roll-ons, sprays, wipes to patches. There are a variety of options to choose from.

During the summer mosquitoes are a huge worry for many, because they tend to ruin the time that we spend outdoors. If you are looking for the best mosquito repellent for babies, toddlers and infants, then you have come to the right place, because this is a list of mosquito repellents in different forms, that are perfect to be used on kids of any age, because these repellents are gentle and doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, yet are extremely efficient at keeping your children safe from mosquitoes.

The two best natural mosquito repellent for babies to keep them safe from mosquitoes are Good Knight Patches and Good Knight Fabric Roll-On.

Good Knight Patches

Good Knight patches for babies have been designed to keep your little ones protected from those awful mosquito bites.

Good Knight patches

Good Knight patches

Top advantages of patches are as under:

  • They are 100% natural mosquito repellent for babies, made of plant based ingredients like citronella oil and eucalyptus oil.
  • Good Knight Patches are made of superior quality fabric and 3M adhesive that ensures no stains on clothes.
  • These are safe for babies over 2 years and offer protection 8 hours against awful mosquito bites and are made of non-toxic materials. These can be used on the baby’s clothes, prams, cots, strollers, cradles and many other places.
  • They are available in amazing designs which kids will love! Currently, there are seven colourful designs available.

Good Knight Fabric Roll-On

Good Knight Fabric Roll-on is a 100% natural mosquito repellent for babies and consists of pure eucalyptus oil and citronella oil for mosquitoes.

Good Knight Fabric Roll-On

Good Knight Fabric Roll-On

Top advantages of fabric roll-on are as under:

  • They are made of 100% natural plant based ingredients like citronella oil and eucalyptus oil. Both these ingredients have mosquito repelling properties.
  • They are made of non-staining ingredients and will not stain your clothes.
  • Protects from all kinds of mosquitoes for 8 hours including those spreading dengue, malaria & chikungunya.
  • It’s absolutely safe for children. For babies under 2 years of age apply on their prams, cots and strollers.

Good Knight mosquito repellent is one of the most popular mosquito repellents of India. The brand is in the market for several years and is rated high by users. It effectively protects against mosquito bite transmitting infections like malaria, chikungunya and dengue.

These easy and effective mosquito repellents will hardly cost you any money and will keep you guarded against the little monsters. Say goodbye to diseases like malaria, dengue, and chikungunya.

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