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With the wedding season just around the corner, we know that all eyes are going to be on what the groom wears. Men are confused with one thought and i.e. to be, or not to be. This is because ever since the inception of the fashion era a common misconception prevailed: “fashion and styling is not the work of men and is often restricted to beautify women”. Wedding times call for celebration, and for each event you need that perfect wedding wear which would create a lasting impression, making you a standout from the crowd. A traditional attire that one can wear for almost any cultural event, getting the right one is really important.

#1 – Sherwani

Inspired from the contemporary era, these sherwanis are the reflection of the royalty. The designs of the Chipkan style sherwani are often driven from the Mughal period and thus lay the impression of kings and rulers. If you have the desire to add that touch of royalty to your look so that it can significantly appeal to almost anyone then one is all that you need.

Indian ethnic wear - Sherwani

Indian ethnic wear – Sherwani

Look a class apart with our wide range of magnificent sherwanis. An exquisite quality of fabric and a large variety of colour combinations will leave you spoilt for choice. Put on our well-crafted and detailed sherwanis and feel the essence of royalty.

#2 – Kurta

A traditional kurta pajama is expected to be worn at the wedding. If you’ll be part of the baraat (the dancing procession of the groom) we recommended wearing something light and easy. Nothing too heavy because there will again, be lots of dancing.

Indian ethnic wear - Kurta

Indian ethnic wear – Kurta

For a summer wedding, you want to opt for a light kurta pajama and not heavy fabrics, stones, or embroidery work, as you want the focus on the groom. If you plan on wearing a western suit, pick something more colorful than white to be in tune with the wedding.

Make the right choice to look distinguished at special occasions like weddings and festivals. Tailored Kurta sets to fit your size and amp up your elegance quotient. Be it flamboyant red or princely blue, our large collection of vibrant colours and patterns promise to give you the finest look.

#3 – Brooch

Brooches for men are, however, one of the few men’s accessories which can cross the sub-culture divides, are perfect for all seasons, and are slowly making a come-back.

Indian ethnic wear - Brooch

Indian ethnic wear – Brooch

Often referred to as royal ornamentation, this piece is crafted on sparkling stones and is studded with royal creative design. It is a mark of honor that’s added to your presence. It enhances the look the best way traditionally.

It is really a great addition to your jewelry collection

#4 – Safa / Pagdi

Of the complete look, the safa or the pagdi is what grips the attention promptly. It is an important part of not only the groom’s attire but also that of his father, uncles, cousins, best man and other immediate male relatives. However, the groom’s turban is naturally far more special than the rest.

Indian ethnic wear - Pagdi

Indian ethnic wear – Pagdi

The best way to make your safa look great is to balance it with your outfit. You can easily do this with the choice of fabrics.

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