Fromote help brands to leverage the power of social influencers

Influencer Marketing, is a form of marketing that has developed from a variety of recent practices and studies, in which focus is placed on specific key individuals rather than the target market as whole. It classifies the individuals that have influence over probable buyers, and orients marketing activities around these influencers.

Fromote help brands to leverage the power of social influencers

Fromote help brands to leverage the power of social influencers

Fromote empowers influencers to en-cash their social media popularity while brands can advertise to promote their brand organically through the platform.

How Fromote works?

The first thing which I like about Fromote is the easy user interface. You can signup as either Advertiser or Influencer. It’s a great platform for both the advertisers and influencers.


Influencers are the ones who earn money to blog, tweet, share images / videos or post status updates.

  • Promote: Review the content and budget of campaign and promote it on your social network.
  • Report: Share the URL & screenshot of the promotion done by you, showing the reach, shares etc.
  • Get Paid: The algorithm will evaluate the promotion done by you & reward you accordingly.


Advertisers are able to reach masses and make their campaign go viral on various social networks such as facebook, twitter, linkedin, youtube, instagram etc at low cost.

  • Create Campaign: Provide the campaign brief, select target categories / networks and set the total budget.
  • Engage Influencers: Review the URL & screenshots of the promotion done by the influencers.
  • Dominate Social Media: Sit back and enjoy the popularity you get on social media and blogs!

Live Campaigns:

Fromote is very descriptive of the brand campaigns that are currently LIVE. You can easily select the promotions that as an Influencer you might be interested in, also you can check out the tentative budget of the entire campaign giving you an estimate of how much you might be compensated for promoting the products or services of the particular brands. The method of submitting the link of the work done by you is also very simple and even possible for not so technical Influencers.

My Account:

Here the influencer will have all the information related to the campaigns done by him / her and amount earned from the campaigns. At Fromote, you can withdraw the funds when you reach the threshold limit of $10.

In short, Fromote is addressing a huge problem area of bridging the gap between advertisers and social media influencers and so far have loved the way it works.

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