Top 5 Benefits of Talcum Powder for Men and Women

Even though talcum powder has got a backseat in the last decade, it has a longing impact on almost all. It happened to be an essential item in every woman’s dresser. Talcum powder is made from talc, a soft mineral made up mainly of the elements magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. It has a myriad of beneficial properties. It is such a product, which absorbs moisture well and helps cut down on friction, minimizes the production of sweat, heals cracked heels and also prevents the spread of the microbial infections. Here are the top 5 benefits of talcum powder for men and women.

Cinthol Cool Talc

Cinthol Cool Talc

#1 – Acts as a Moisture Absorbent

Talcum powder works as a magnificent source of absorbing moisture and reduces friction, thus minimising sweat production, and preventing fungal infections. It makes the skin dry and is a cure to the various skin related complications. It also helps to eliminate excessive sweating condition as well. It helps to keep you calm and cool. It helps you to get rid of the foul sweat odor as well. Instead, it imparts a sweet odor. It is a wonderful source of antiperspirant.

#2 – Works as a Dry Shampoo

Another superb application of talcum powder is that it can be used to eliminate the oil and grease from the hair. During summer, your hair tends to get more oily and greasy. The wonderful way to make your hairs appear dry, shampooed and freshly washed is by sprinkling some powder on the comb and running it through your hair to the roots. Besides imparting freshness, the powder will impart a wonderful smell as well.

#3 – Treats Bedsores

Well, providing solution to the painful and itchy bedsores is yet another major benefit of applying talcum powder. It has anti-microbial and moisture absorbing characteristics. It is used to treat the infection caused due to lying in a particular position for several days. Applying helps in keeping the infected skin dry and free from moisture. As soon as a person starts getting bedsores, clean the skin thoroughly and apply talcum powder at least twice a day. Dryness helps in the infection from spreading to the other areas of the body. It also gives a cool feeling thus relieving the person from feeling itching or burning sensation. It helps to heal bedsores and other microbial infections completely.

#4 – To Remove Grease Stains

Talcum powder removes dark greasy stains as well. Be it on the clothes or the carpets, it helps to alleviate the stains effectively. The powder acts as a source to absorb the stains and grease and remove them quite easily. The next time there is a stain, sprinkle an amount of talcum powder with a cotton ball and dab the powder on the grease. After some time rub it thoroughly and it will get lighten slowly till it disappears.

#5 – Freshens up Drawers and Closets

Often the drawers and closets smell musty and suffocating during summer. Talcum powder is the best solution in this case. Sprinkle some talcum powder in a jar or dish. Leave the jar or dish in the closet. You can also put some amount of powder in a sachet and place the sachet in the drawer. The drawers and closets will smell absolutely refreshing owing to the moisture removing properties of the talcum powder.

Beside these 5 benefits, it also has its application in preventing chaffing, easing the pain due to waxing and feeling refreshing. Friends, don’t throw your talcum powder away. It is one of the essential items of your daily use.

Choose from the various variants of best talcum powder for men and women to get superior germ protection to keep your skin healthy and glowing all day long. Use Cinthol Cool Talc, stay active all day long!

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