Ready, roll-on, done – it’s called Berger Express Painting!

Applying a fresh coat of paint on your home often means that you first need to get rid of the old coat of paint that you have on the walls. Paint removal can be a tedious process and is also very essential and ensuring that your new paint job looks flawless.

If you are planning to paint your home, then do check out the Berger Express Painting. Berger Express Painting is a new age end-to-end painting solution provided by trained painters using automatic tools. It gives the consumer a faster, cleaner, better and hassle-free painting experience. The Express Service is provided by Berger Paints India and is executed by trained painters.

Main Bhi Painter

Main Bhi Painter

Last Saturday, I had the privilege to be part of the #BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet at Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi. I was thoroughly excited for the meet as it wasn’t just a bloggers’ meet, but a festival of colors in itself. IndiBlogger has always cherished their bloggers and we together have only lived the essence of blogging and celebrated it.

We started the meet with a fun activity called “Find the Blogger” where we have to find and acknowledge the fellow blogger based on lines taken from their respective blogs!

Watch Berger Express Painting – T20 of Painting video here:

The Chief Marketing Manager – Mr. Vinod Das from the Berger Paints explained the benefits of express painting service and answered all the queries related to it.

Chief Marketing Manager - Mr. Vinod Das from the Berger Paints

Chief Marketing Manager – Mr. Vinod Das from the Berger Paints

The main benefits of Express Painting are:

  • 40 percent faster than traditional painting and also ensures quality!
  • Set up training centers and trained painters for efficient and better painting
  • Get sparkling results with our no-mess tools!
  • Cutting-edge vacuum suction-enabled sanding machines keep your house dust-free!
  • Better coverage and smoothness guaranteed each time!
  • Our certified tools ensure a better finish with high efficiency!
  • All these benefits and more offered at no additional cost!

Later on, we were divided into a team of eight to understand the process of sanding. Though we were all provided with safety gears like mask, gloves, etc. – the sanding process was a difficult task, as a lot of dust was produced which made us understand the pain that the painters and the home-mates has to go through during the sanding process. And hence, the eco-friendly products by Berger were not only useful for the people in the house, but also quicker and better.

Team getting ready to experience the process of sanding

Team getting ready to experience the process of sanding

After the tea break, we had another activity of painting with the colors, known as “Paint your Imagination” on a canvas. We had to go with painting depicting the theme – Blogging / VBlogging through Berger Paints.

Paint your Imagination on a canvas, our theme was - Blogging / VBlogging

Paint your Imagination on a canvas, our theme was – Blogging / VBlogging

This was followed by a demonstration of painting tools by Berger Paints team:

#1 – Airless Paint Sprayer

It a method of painting that uses high pressure to spray paint, or other materials. Airless sprayers work by forcing paint through a small tip opening at very high pressure; airless spray does not use compressed air. They are primarily used for production work because of their ability to cover large areas in minimal time and because of the reduced over spray there is a considerable saving on material consumption.

#2 – Auto Roller

The auto roller makes painting walls and ceilings easier and faster than ever before. The auto technology offers consistent, virtually drip-free paint application and constant paint feed directly from the paint bucket – ideal for large surfaces.

Auto Roller

Auto Roller

#3 – Sanding Machine

A sanding machine is a power tool used to smooth surfaces by abrasion with sandpaper. Berger is offering a painting process using a mechanised technology where the sandpapering is done by a machine with an in-built vacuum suction which sucks the dust into a bag.

Sanding Machine

Sanding Machine

#4 – Multipurpose Mixer

Multi-Purpose paint mixer can safely rest against the bottom of the container and continue mixing liquids and stirring paint, quickly, safely and efficiently without the need for big biceps.

#5 – High Pressure Washer

A power washer increases the water pressure at your outdoor faucet up to thousands of pounds per square inch – enough to blast dirt, grime and peeling paint off any surface.

#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet at Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi

#BergerXP IndiBlogger Meet at Vivanta by Taj, New Delhi

With tools designed to specifically make the process of painting faster and hassle-free, painting is now an enjoyable experience!

You will love the Berger Express Painting – it’s Faster, Cleaner and Better!

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  1. The indiblogger meet is a much cherished event that we all bloggers look forward to it. It was a pleasure meeting you in person, Vikram. Excellent write up on the painting service and meet details.

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