BNLF takes the VOW and walk along the Ruskin Bond path

If the title appears to be bit cheeky then it actually solved the purpose. After a brilliant debut session in Mumbai, this November, the blogging conference went to Dehradun – the land of legendary Ruskin Bond.

The nippy November air added to the thrill of the mountain side gathering of the IndiBloggers and other guest speakers. The journey started from the enchanting Madhuban Hotel as the evening whispered new promise in the years of the promising bloggers.

BNLF 2017, Dehradun

BNLF 2017, Dehradun

The promises were surely kept as the event started to gather momentum with a lively networking and music event at the beautiful lawn of Madhuban Hotel. The evening ended in a finer note with a lovely dinner and after that the bloggers were all in their full swing narrating funny anecdotes whilst introducing themselves.

As the breeze gradually blew away the fallen leaves on the hill side, the participants rested that night all freshen up for the main event which happened on 18th of November.

The morning-after started with a gathering of the bloggers at the Astley Hall where the briefing about this one-of-kind walk was being given. Yes, it is the “Ruskin Bond Walk”. This one hour forty-five minutes thrilling hike really excited the participating bloggers of the event.

Then was the time for a nice and cosy Dehradun style breakfast. There was plenty to talk about, especially after witnessing the lovely cottage of the great writer. But the bloggers were hungry for more.

So, after breakfast the journey took them to the fascinating VOW Literature Festival. The venue offered the bloggers with a perfect chance to interact with published authors, publishers, popular Instagramers, media personnel and writerpreneurs.

The main event #BNLF 2017 started in the evening with a warm welcome party thrown for IndiBloggers. There is actually more savoury than a bonfire, surrounded by bloggers and writers and all young creative minds of India. And that is what exactly happened during the gala dinner party, out in the wild.

Mr. Sanjeev Chopra – the Honorary Advisor welcomed the bloggers and gave an introduction about the “Valley of Words” initiative.

There was the fabulous bloggers discussion, The Great Blogging Debate, where Indian bloggers from different parts of country participated and shared their pearls regarding the manners in which they market their blogs. Ideas were shared and countered and new stand-points were taken as to how to market the blogs and the manner in which the social media platforms are changing the entire ball game.

Finally, it was the time for the Indian Blogger Awards. Like in 2015, this year also showed the initiative taken by IndiBloggers to recognize the success and achievement of India based bloggers. Sid Balachandran and Tikulli won the best blog award for Literature and Poetry respectively.

If the award ceremony was hot, then what came after was even hotter. Indian bloggers, from around the world, shared anecdotes, testimonials and shared their stories, on stage.

It opened up a vast scope for discussion and the participants got their well deserved encouragement. The night became intoxicated with creative thoughts as people gathered around to discuss and chat.

The event finished with a positive vibe – ‘Blog Now, Live Forever’ and lots of hopes bubbled up for a follow-up session, next BNLF.

Vikram Kamboj

Aspiring Media Enthusiast, Cricket Tragic, Football Fanatic, Avid Reader, Amateur Photographer & Wannabe Sports Writer.


  1. You have beautifully covered all the events of the gathering Vikram! This event has given a fresh boost to blogging enthusiasm across the country while garnering strength for the whole blogging community. A wonderful tete a tete with happening and new bloggers. Cheers to many more blogging-centric events!

  2. While I was reading, professionalism was the word echoing in the back of my mind…it was a huge opportunity and pleasure to interact with Veterans like you.

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